The Geological Society of America’s Journal has published a paper which argues that the Earth has a hidden continent: Zealandia. Below are some quick facts about this new continent:

Fact # 1: Scientists have suggested that New Zealand does not fall under Australasia – the collective term used for Australia, New Zealand, surrounding islands and territories.

Fact # 2: The suggested continent Zealandia consists of New Zealand and New Caledonia, along with other islands.

Fact # 3: The term ‘Zealandia’ was first coined in 1995, and after studying it for more than two decades, scientists have argued that Zealandia is large enough to be its own continent.

Fact # 4: Zealandia measures about two thirds of Australia: 5 million sq km (1.9m sq miles).

Fact # 5: Approximately 94% of Zealandia’s mass is submerged in water.

Who even knew continents could exist under water?!

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