On February 15th 2017, President Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a joint news conference at the White House. In an effort to determine the future of the conflict, here are some disturbing statements made during the conference that we all should be seriously concerned about.

1) Trump’s “One-State Solution:”

President Trump casually announced the term “One-State Solution,” a phrase that could have serious repercussions against Palestine. Not only does it hurt decades-old US foreign policy towards the Middle East, but also disregards the decades of effort by the international community to find a peaceful Two-State Solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. A One-State Solution would mean absolute dissolution of Palestine.

2) Netanyahu’s Coziness with Trump’s Family:

The Israeli Prime Minister stated that Trump is the “biggest supporter” of Israel, and further boasted about being family friends with the President for a long time. It doesn’t take much to speculate that Trump’s policy towards the conflict will, in fact, be biased due to his personal relations with Netanyahu. This also means that the Palestinian plight will be overlooked once again.

3) Trump asking Palestinians to “Get Rid of the Hate:”

According to Trump, the Palestinians are taught “tremendous hate” from a very young age and they must to get rid of it. His statement is deeply concerning, because it’s equivalent to asking Palestinians to endorse the internationally condemned mass atrocities that Israel has committed towards Palestinian civilization since 1948.

At the end of the day, the question remains: Was there ever any ‘real’ effort from the US in support of the Two-State Solution in place? And finally, is Trump just revealing the reality of the US foreign policy by openly calling it a “One-State Solution,” something it’s been all along?

Watch the full press conference here.